The Xbox Elite Wireless controller was deemed far too expensive at $150 to be very popular. Except it’s been flying off shelves just as fast as it’s been hitting them.

Speaking to GamesBeat, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that inventory for the controller is in short supply, saying that they “are working quickly to get more units of the Xbox Elite Wireless controller in the hands of fans, and look forward to replenishing inventory in time for the holidays.”

The spokesperson added that the controller is also available as part of the Xbox Elite Bundle, which also includes a 1TB Solid State Hybrid Disk drive for more storage and faster loading. If you don’t own an Xbox One yet, it’s not a bad deal, and that goes on sale on Nov. 3.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer took to the NeoGAF gaming forums, echoing the statements of the spokesperson.

Microsoft is “definitely pleasantly surprised by the consumer response to this product,” he said. “The controller was designed for a niche consumer base, for the hardcore and pro players. We did not expect the demand that this controller received. We do plan on increasing production of the product to meet consumer demand.”

If you manage to find one on store shelves, consider yourself lucky. Otherwise, you might be looking at a Black Friday sale as the next time you can get your hands on Microsoft’s premium controller.