Original Xbox Controller

The original Xbox controller, lovingly called the Duke by both its fans and detractors for its massive size, might be making a comeback. Original Xbox designer Seamus Blackley asked his Twitter followers to engage in a thought experiment: “If we worked with [Phil Spencer] to release an official Xbox One-compatible Duke, would you buy one?”

Apparently, though, that wasn’t so much an experiment. Blackley tweeted this week that he is “doing actual work to see if we can release a new Duke,” asking fans to stay tuned and to amplify his message if they’re interested.

Who would buy this thing?

It’s hard to see exactly who the Duke would be for, though. While it had its fans, the Xbox S controller that followed it later was considered by a huge portion of Xbox gamers to be the superior hardware, and the Duke quickly disappeared from shipping console boxes. People with particularly large hands, I guess.

With how big that old controller is though, I have to wonder how much empty space there’s going to be inside the casing. Maybe enough to emulate an entire original Xbox? Hey, why not.

If you’re a fan of controllers big enough to land a helicopter on, though, stay tuned to Blackley’s Twitter. For our readers who may not remember just how big it was, I’ve put together the following infographic, including the traditional banana for scale: