Phil Spencer - Xbox One

Microsoft recently announced that it would be holding a Windows 10 event in January for what looks to be a more consumer-focused look at the upcoming refresh to their operating system.

Of particular interest to gamers, though, is that Microsoft's Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, is listed as one of the speakers at the event.

Details are light (non-existent, really) on what we can expect from Spencer's part of the show, but we have some ideas.

A big one would be a major overhaul to the Xbox One dashboard or even the base operating system. With the decision to drop Kinect, some users feel the system isn't quite as easy to navigate as it ought to be. Bringing the console in line with Windows 10 might be a good way to improve the user experience. This would also allow for increased interoperability between apps built for the PC and the Xbox One console, something Microsoft has been talking about since the initial unveiling of the system.

It's also likely that we'll see what some of the monthly updates will add to the system in terms of user-facing features, but it's impossible to tell just what those features will be. I'm hoping to see something come of Microsoft Research's experiments with cloud gaming. There's been some suggestion that we could see the Windows phone's helper, Cortana, come to the console, though that doesn't seem as likely as it once might have, considering, again, the decision to drop Kinect from the console.

Whatever Spencer has to say, whether it's about the Xbox One dashboard or just a reaffirmation of Microsoft's commitment to PC gaming, we'll find out January 21, 2015.