Microsoft will soon unveil an all-in-one subscription that bundles together an Xbox console and various services.

Xbox All Access, according to Windows Central and The Verge, should take advantage of the platform’s most important pieces. It includes an Xbox One, as well as Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass memberships. While they might not seem so useful by name, Xbox Live is required for online multiplayer and Xbox Game Pass unlocks a library of 100+ titles.

The monthly payment plan for Xbox All Access will attract consumers. If you’re looking to pick up the Xbox One X, the price will be $34.99/mo for two years. So it’s around what we pay for high-end phones and tablets these days. Meanwhile, the Xbox One S will be $21.99/mo over the same period.

In the coming weeks (or months), the Microsoft Store will offer this subscription. Xbox All Access will be limited to the United States, too. But it could be sold by additional retailers in the U.S. and beyond at a later date. Microsoft wants to ensure the strategy is successful domestically first.

When the new Xbox launches in 2020, Microsoft could have a cloud-driven model. The Redmond-based company is reportedly working on XCloud. It’s a technology that relies on the cloud to drive games rather than on-device components. Microsoft hasn’t said anything about XCloud, but such a console would probably benefit from Xbox All Access for its all-inclusive nature.