Rumors of the next version of the next Xbox are heating up again, and it sounds like it may include everything but the kitchen sink.

It seems like every time a new rumor about the next version of the Xbox pops up, it gets a little wilder than the last one.  This time around VG247 is saying that certain partners have been filled in on the specs of the device, and it’s going to be leaps and bounds ahead of the Xbox 360.

Citing multiple sources, VG247 says it has learned that the next Xbox console will be sporting two GPUs, with one source saying, “It’s like two PCs taped together.”  Apparently the idea is that it wouldn’t work in the same fashion as a dual PC rig, but instead the GPUs will work independently, drawing separate images at the same time.

As for the main CPU, it will reportedly be four or six cores with one core reserved for Kinect, and another for the operating system.  Kinect itself is said to be built into the device as a standard feature, but of any rumor we’ve heard yet, that seems the oddest as it needs to be able to move to sense you.  We can’t even imagine what the console will look like physically if this is true.

Also popping up, although other rumors have crushed it, is the idea that the 720 will move away from DVD media into the realm of Blu-ray discs.  We’ve heard some rumors that the device would move away from physical media all together, and now it’s back.  I think what we’re learning here is that Microsoft may be trying out a couple different concepts, but who knows what it will ultimately settle on.

And what would a system rumor be without at least one annoyance?  We hope you have an always-on Internet connection because apparently that’s what will be used to make sure you’re media isn’t pirated.

One constant rumor that does come up time and time again, and is still in this latest batch, is that Microsoft is targeting the 2013 holiday season.  This flies in the face of the 10 year cycle we’ve heard for the 360, so this always throws up a bit of a red flag for us.  We’ll just have to wait and see if it proves true.

With rumors of this sort, we always suggest you take them with a grain of salt.  In this particular case this almost sounds more like a wishlist of Microsoft’s, but reality will kick in at some point and they’ll realize just how expensive this machine would end up being.  We’ll just have to see how much, if any of this, makes it into the final product.

[via VG247]