If there is one thing that's certain in this world it's that advertising is everywhere. We're being sold on products through our computers, phones, TVs, radios, even our food. Microsoft plans to add to the madness by adding 15-30 second advertisements to their TV and video apps.

Ross Honey, Xbox LIVE's Entertainment and Advertising manager had this to say:

"With the growth of Xbox LIVE, advertisers no longer have to choose between digital and TV advertising — we're offering the impact of TV and the interactivity and addressability of digital in one platform."

Earlier this year Microsoft announced that the use of entertainment apps has surpassed online mulitplayer gaming on Xbox LIVE in the United States. This is insane to think about. A console that was made to play video games is being used more to consume media such as movies and music. Why wouldn't advertisers jump at this opportunity? It only makes sense. After all, Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers spend an average of 84 hours a month using entertainment apps. Advertisers would be nuts to not try and touch upon that market.

It's obvious that advertisers see the potential revenue that Xbox LIVE has to offer. ESPN's Executive Vice President of Multimedia Sales said:

"When we began offering ESPN content on Xbox LIVE in 2010, it was an entirely new way for fans to interact with ESPN. These new advertising opportunities will give clients a new way to interact with those fans."

The advertisers are clearly happy with this, but what about consumers? Is this too much? The average American sees an absurd amount of ads per day, and that number grows every year. Unfortunately that's the way the world works. It's actually quite surprising that we haven't seen ads like this already on Xbox LIVE.

We don't know exactly when we'll see these 15-30 second advertisements show up on Xbox LIVE, but they're surely on their way.

[via Gamezone]