Overall game sales are down eight percent for the year compared to 2009, but that was actually good news as in June the overall decline was measured at nine percent.  This doesn’t mean the game industry is doing backflips of joy, but it certainly is reason to hold up at least a little hope that this year not being a total wash.

Xbox 360 SlimAll told, console sales came to $313.8 million for July and broke down as:

  • Xbox 360 – 443,500
  • Nintendo DS  – 398,400
  • Nintendo Wii – 253,900
  • PlayStation 3 –  214,500
  • PlayStation Portable – 84,000

This marked the first time since Sept. 2007 that the Xbox 360 was the top seller, and it led to a 12 percent increase in hardware sales.  I would still love someone to explain to me how the Nintendo DS keeps selling such crazy huge numbers each month.

On the flip side, software sales were down eight percent to $403.3 million.  The only big gain in software sales were PC game sales were up 103 percent year-over-year, and that success can be summed up easily as Starcraft II.  The long-awaited sequel moved 721,000 copies in its first month of release.  As for console software, it wasn’t a month to write home about.

NPD Top 20 for July 2010

With the Kinect and Move peripherals coming out this fall, you can be assured the companies are going to be making a huge push to try to turn this year around.  If they will succeed is another matter, but I think the year will be a lot closer to breaking even than being in the red.

What say you?  Have you bought an Xbox 360 Slim yet?