Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

The arrival of backwards compatibility is just a couple months away, and the pile of games we’ll be able to play is growing and growing.

One thing that set the previous generation apart from any that came before it was the advent of downloadable content, something that has only grown over time as publishers find new ways to tempt players into spending money on their games. Gamers are rightly concerned, then, about whether their purchases will carry over to the Xbox One when they load their games up. Publishers, I imagine, are similarly concerned, as they wouldn’t mind the extra revenue stream.

Responding to a question on Twitter today, Xbox boss Phil Spencer had the following to say on the topic:

While that isn’t an absolute confirmation, it’s clear that Microsoft isn’t planning to just release games without any DLC support and that they have plans in place. They still have a couple months to work through the plans to make sure we can play our Gears of War map packs and whatever else might be out there on our account histories.