It’s been a tough production road for the X-Men spin-off New Mutants and it’s only getting tougher. New Mutants is reportedly getting delayed yet again to make way for expansive reshoots, though this time it might not even make it to theaters.

The news comes from Merc With a Podcast host Scott Bechtel who revealed on Twitter the movie is undergoing more issues. According to Bechtel, director Josh Boone and the studio are not getting along and struggling to find a “comprehensible and [finished] product.” The studio is now looking at a possible November release date, but it’s also considering dumping it off to Hulu and cutting its losses.

The spin-off project was originally set to arrive in theaters in April 2018. The studio even released a trailer for the movie that leaned heavily on the horror elements of the plot. However, the studio opted to delay it to February 2019 as it was not happy with the cut Boone was working on. It was then delayed again until August 2019. Now, it’s getting delayed a third time and it might not even make it to theaters.

Throughout the ordeal, the studio has also found it difficult to schedule time for the cast to come in for the extensive reshoots. Anya Taylor-Joy in particular is not fond of coming back in to reshoot major parts of the movie considering the time that has already been dedicated to the production.

It may just work best for Fox to push New Mutants off to Hulu and cut its losses. Even after the reshoots are in the books, if the movie makes it to theaters, that would mean a big marketing budget to push the movie. Considering the film has been in limbo for the last two years, that may not be a worthwhile investment for the studio.