Empire has released a handful of new photos straight from the X-Men: Apocalypse set, showing the division beginning to build between the different mutant groups.

Magneto is looking pretty haggard, while some important new mutants are joining the fray. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but some cool looks at some of Marvel’s most popular X-Men characters as younger versions of themselves. Storm looks awesome, and Sophie Turner looks like she’ll make a wonderful Jean Gray.

That angry purple guy, Apocalypse, is being played by Oscar Isaac, and will be the film’s main antagonist. Isaac recently confirmed that he will take on multiple forms in the movie as he attempts to assemble his horsemen.

The finalized plot of the film hasn’t been revealed just yet, though a leaked Comic-Con trailer shed some light on what to expect. Apocalypse is thought to be the world’s oldest and first mutant, and poses a major threat to humanity.

Hopefully we’ll see an official trailer drop soon. X-Men: Apocalypse drops on May 27, 2016.