Apple sent out invites to WWDC (or Worldwide Developers Conference) this week, confirming the keynote will take place June 4. That’s when Tim Cook will take the stage and announce something new from Apple.

The event is mostly reserved for the unveiling of new software for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. However, from time to time, Apple surprises us with key announcements. Just last year it announced the HomePod and iMac Pro, so we’re hoping more of the same this year.

We have a good idea of the core announcements that will take place, but there are a lot of reports that suggest much more will be announced. Digging through all of the white noise, we’ve narrowed down everything to three categories of what we expect Apple to announce at WWDC.

Expected announcements

iOS 12: Every year at WWDC, Apple unveils the latest version of iOS. This year it has reached lucky number 12, though if you were expecting major upgrades, you’ll be disappointed. It has been reported Apple scaled back some of the major new features in favor of focusing of refining the mobile software to get rid of all the bugs that were especially annoying with iOS 11. Definitely not as exciting, but something to look forward to. Unfortunately, this means features a redesigned home screen has been put on the backburner for now.

macOS 10.14: This will be the fifth year Apple names its Mac software after a California landmark. As for what new features it will add, details have been scarce. It will likely be something minor like performance upgrades and the addition of under-the-radar features that will mostly benefit the backend. There are also reports we could see the introduction of universal app support, which would open the macOS ecosystem up in a significant way.

watchOS 5: Just like macOS, Apple has been mum on what kind of new features will come to the latest version of its Apple Watch software. Year in and year out, it adds minor additions to the interface, like the integration of LTE. This year, we hope the reported Apple Watch redesign will bring forth a circular screen option, and watchOS 5 will be the vessel to introduce that.

tvOS 12: Apple tends to keep improvements for the Apple TV quite minor each year. Aside from the addition of things like Dolby Atmos and possibly different user profiles, don’t expect much else from tvOS 12.


iPhone SE 2: This is the announcement we’re all waiting for. Talk surrounding the iPhone SE 2 has intensified over the past couple months, including multiple reports of what the display might look like. The catch-22 is that it’s unclear if it will be released this year or in 2019. Apple is expected to include a bezel-less display that adopts Face ID. If Apple does announce one hardware product during WWDC, we hope it is this one.

Beats HomePod: The HomePod wasn’t the runaway hit Apple was hoping it would be. It only sold 600,000 units since it debuted, far below the usual numbers for its marquee products. To combat that, it has been reported Apple will announced a cheaper HomePod under the Beats umbrella. The “entry-level” speaker is expected to cost somewhere near the $199 price tag, so it’s not that cheap, but its introduction should help stir up Apple’s smart speaker sales.

Dark horse announcements

Mac Pro: Apple opened up last spring in a mea culpa of sorts, apologizing to all the pro Mac users for neglecting them. In doing so, it revealed it was working on a modular Mac Pro that would be released in the next couple of years. Now it’s expected to be released some time in 2019. Showing off a product well before its release isn’t usually Apple’s style, but it has gotten into the habit of doing so of late. It announced the iMac Pro last year six months before its release and the HomePod eight months before its release. Why not announce the Mac Pro eight to ten months before its release (in 2019), and give fans a little taste of what it has been working on?

iPad Pro redesign: The redesign of the iPad Pro has been a hot rumor of late. Apple is bound to migrate its Face ID biometric sensor to other devices beyond the iPhone X, and the iPad Pro seems like the next worthy candidate to receive the upgrade.

TechnoBuffalo will bring you complete coverage of all the things Apple announces during its WWDC keynote happening on Monday, June 4 at 10 a.m. PT.