WWDC will start with a bang with the WWDC 2016 keynote on Monday, June 13 when Apple CEO Tim Cook and his team take the stage to discuss the company’s latest and greatest software (maybe hardware) developments. You can stream the event live from Apple’s new WWDC app, which features a couple of upgrades and support for the newest Apple TV’s tvOS platform.

The app provides you with some content in addition to the keynote, of course. You’ll be able to load up videos from past presentations and stop/resume a video stream across devices (from your Apple TV to an iPad, for example) without losing your place. Perhaps more importantly, at least if you’re attending the show, you’ll also find all the information on this year’s latest sessions, provide feedback on the sessions you attend, marking favorites on your schedule, finding maps and more.

The latest WWDC app is out in the iTunes Store now, for which we’ve provided a link below.