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Apple looks to have a few new product categories to introduce the world to during the WWDC 2014 keynote on Monday morning.

Corroborating earlier rumors, the New York Times is reporting that Apple will indeed show off a new health monitoring system on Monday as well as a new smart home initiative. A source speaking with the newspaper who spoke under the condition of anonymity that a new health app will indeed be shown off tomorrow that will track statistics for things such as general health, fitness, heart rate, sleep activity and exercise. Initially the new app will interface with third-party hardware, but it will more than likely connect with Apple's long rumored iWatch once it is finally unveiled.

This new initiative also lines up with recently filed trademarks that are believed to be from Apple for the terms Healthbook, Health Book, HealthKit and iResearch.

As for the possible smart home market, that rumor is still somewhat up in the air. The rumor first took hold early last week, but nothing concrete has been spotted as of yet such as trademarks or any other evidence. Based on what information is out there, however, this will be another instance of Apple providing the tools for developers to incorporate a feature into third-party accessories such as thermostats, light bulbs, door locks and so on. All of the items could then easily be controlled via your iOS device whether you are at home or away.

The WWDC keynote is starting to sound like it will be a busy morning and TechnoBuffalo will be there bring you all of the coverage. Be sure to tune into our WWDC 2014 liveblog, and then stay tuned through out the day as we bring you more coverage.