Movie marketing got a fresh new twist with the promo push for Disney’s latest family-friendly project Wreck-It Ralph, a movie set in a fantasy world of arcade video games.

The San Francisco Chronicle spotted some secret bus-stop photo booths wherein people could snap a self-portrait (by hitting a “Touch to take photo” button) and have them turned into 8-bit, just like the old school 8-bit title character. What makes it so secret? The fact that people lined up there had no idea of the goodness that lay within arm’s reach.

You’d think marketers would want neon signs pointing to it, begging for attention on the streets of San Francisco, but there’s something fitting about a real world “Easter Egg” like this. And once more people get wind of it, chances are pretty good that these spots — five, in total in San Francisco — will become popular destinations. To help the cause, people can spread the word by emailing the pics right from the booth.

The reporter took these snaps at the bus stop in front of SF’s CityTarget (at The Metreon at Fourth and Mission) to illustrate the experience:

Super cute. The only thing that would’ve made it better would be a handy wipe dispenser next to it, ’cause you just know there’s going to be a ton of grubby fingers all over them. Otherwise, it’s a cool, clever way to promote a flick.

As for the movie itself, it’s an animated film set in the world of video games wherein one villain jumps the digital fence, striving to be a hero. The early buzz is good so far, with plenty of people — kids, gamers and parents alike — looking forward to the upcoming premiere.

Are you going to see Wreck-It-Ralph when it hits theaters on November 2?

[Via SFGate]