It isn't often that a movie trailer catches our attention around here, but when you get to see Zangief from Street Fighter in group therapy session with other gaming bad guys, well, we have to stop and look.

The next movie up from Disney's animation studio is sure to fill gaming geeks hearts with joy as Wreck-It Ralph decides he's had enough of being the bad guy after having done so for 30 years.  After having a group therapy session with other "bad guys," he decides it's time to head out in search of another game to call home.

The fun of this trailer is spotting gaming character legends such as:

  • Chun-Li, M. Bison and Zangief from Street Fighter
  • Clyde (orange ghost) from Pac-Man
  • Bowser from various Mario games
  • Q*Bert

We're sure there are some more in there, but we'll need to take time to spot them.  Let us know who you spot in the comments below!

Correction: We originally listed this film as being from Pixar.  It is not.  It is from Disney's own animation studio.