We’re only two weeks away from the rumored Apple event on January 27th where Apple is expected to unveil the much-rumored tablet.  As we continuously sift through rumors trying to find the slightest truth, there is a legion of tech geeks to whom none of this really matters.  They know there’s a device coming, and that’s all they need to open their wallets.

About three years ago after Apple had announced the iPhone, it was made known by then Cingular executive Glenn Lurie that nobody from the company had ever seen the device prior to its announcement.  Cingular took a leap of faith that Apple would live up to its word.  In a time where carriers had the last word, Apple broke tradition and Cingular caved.  If a company as large as Cingular backed a device they had never seen, is it so farfetched that appletabletthere lies a pool of consumers who believe the same? This market segment, however small, believes so strongly in a device they’re willing to hand over their money, trusting Apple to produce a best in class device.

For a second, let’s say the rumors are true. Apple’s got a 10.1” touchscreen device that’s going to be priced anywhere from $600 to $1000 (lets settle on $750) that runs some unknown OS. This operating system could simply be a scaled up iPhone OS, full on desktop OS X, or something in the middle.  Perhaps it’ll have 3G capabilities, a front-facing camera, or neither of the two.  The specifics don’t matter, as these rumors could all be flops.  Based on what you believe, would you fork over your hard earned cash today trusting the device that shows up at your door meets your expectations?  Please ignore the fact that we’ll have a few months between the announcement and sale.

If you’re already planning to buy it, we want to know if your purchase would be uncircumstantial.  Are there other products that you’d be willing to buy before seeing?  Let us know in the comments.