With all of the focus as of late on the Microsoft Kinect and the Sony Move controllers and how they are adding motion play to their respective systems, the lowly Nintendo Wii seems to be being left out in the cold. It introduced motion control to the masses (we’ll just ignore the Power Glove, thank you very much), and yet it seems to suddenly be the least favorite child of the current generation of gaming consoles.  Is it just our imagination?  Nope.

Wii consoleElectronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello recently spoke with IndustryGamers about the state of the Wii, and his thinking is that perhaps it’s time for Nintendo to explore another price drop to get its sales back on track.

I would say they did exceptionally well in ’07 and ’08, started tapering in ’09 and ’10, and… I think if they were to price down to $99, they would explode.

I think they’ve now got competition, in the form of gesture-based gaming from Sony and Microsoft. If they were to find ways to promote third-party content better, as opposed to first-party content, and would hit pricing, I think the platform would see new life.

While the third-party promotion could be argued to death, we have to say that Mr. Riccitiello probably has a valid point about the pricing.  Of course, is there any game system that wouldn’t sell at that price point?

The thing is, Nintendo is still moving a healthy number of units every month, it isn’t like the system is dead.  There is also something that has always puzzled me about these types of arguments, and that is that there are a finite number of consumers that even want a video game system let alone one from a specific manufacturer.  Considering the millions of units Nintendo has already sold, doesn’t anyone think there is a possibility that there simply isn’t any one left who wants one?  The same goes for every system, but lets face facts folks, my 90-year-old grandmother is never going to buy a game system no matter what you do to entice her.

That being said, yes, $99 probably would bump the sales, but would Nintendo ever really go that low?

What say you?  Should Nintendo lower the price of the Wii?