Phone Strap 2 (1)

While most of the world continues to cry for larger screens and higher resolutions, Japan is continuing to do what it does best in the cellphone market and dance to their own tune.

Cellphone maker Willcom has just unveiled what it is calling the world’s “smallest and lightest” cellphone, the Phone Strap 2. The phone itself is two inches long and has a display that measures just one inch in size. The phone is even smaller than a pack of Frisk breath mints, as shown bt the company for size comparison.

In Japan, the term “phone strap” is used to refer to decorative phone charms that dangle from the end of your phone. Perhaps Willcom is insinuating that this phone can actually be used to decorate your real phone.

Although, this device is hardly what one would call a bargain. The phone comes with only two hours of talk time and will cost roughly $380, comparable to a Samsung Galaxy S II or an LG Optimus 4X HD. Willcom justifies the price by stating it is a limited edition model and only 12,000 will be available once they go on sale.

And people around the world still wonder why Japan is struggling to catch up the the smartphone market.