If you fancy yourself a fan of classic RPG titles, today delivers the glorious news of two free games. Ultima is one of the gaming world's best received and longest running RPG franchises. The main line of games provides more gaming goodness than a lot of us have even experienced in our entire lifetimes.

Good Old Games, or GOG.com, has decided to offer the Worlds of Ultima spin-off titles for free to registered users. The Savage Empire and Martian Dreams take place in wildly unique locales and times that, quite honestly, have no place within the rest of the Ultima universe.

If you want the free games, head to GOG.com and register. From there, you'll be able to browse the shop and secure as many DRM-free titles as you like. That's their shtick, by the way, DRM-free goodness. We like that.

[via GOG]

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