Ainovo NOVO7

Samsung delivered Google’s latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system to smartphone users with the Galaxy Nexus last month, but it won’t be the first to ship the OS inside a tablet. That prize goes to a Chinese manufacturer called Ainovo, which has begun shipping its NOVO7 tablet today.

The Ainovo NOVO7 costs just $99, and for that users get a 7-inch capacitive multitouch display, and both front- and rear-facing cameras — the latter of which is a 2-megapixel camera capable of 1080p video recording. The device is powered by a MIPS-based 1GHz processor and claims to offer 25 hours of battery life when listening to music, 6 hours when playing games, and 7 hours when web browsing.

It also comes with 4GB of external storage as standard, and “can play Gameloft genuine games,” with Spider-Man pre-installed.

As the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich-powered tablet, the NOVO7 even gets an endorsement from Google’s Android chief Andy Rubin in its press release:

“I’m thrilled to see the entrance of MIPS-Based Android 4.0 tablets into the market.

“Low cost, high performance tablets are a big win for mobile consumers and a strong illustration of how Android’s openness drives innovation and competition for the benefit of consumers around the world.”

The device is currently only available in China, but according to TechRadar, Ainovo is planning to release it elsewhere.

The NOVO7 seems to be a little short on specs here and there, but shipping with Ice Cream Sandwich for just $99 could mean it becomes a hit for those looking for an affordable tablet.

Would you pick one of these up for $99?

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