A group of former Call of Duty developers left their work with Activision and formed Reload Studios. Today, we have word of their very first game, World War Toons. It’s a cartoony first person shooter with both on foot and in tank combat. The announcement came with a trailer (seen above) and a pile of screenshots/art (found below).

Personally, I love the happy French music playing behind the trailer as all sorts of silliness occurs. Let’s hope that’s in the game’s final soundtrack. Also, the Wilhelm scream makes an appearance. Perfect.

World War Toons will support both standard and Virtual Reality play, according to the release that accompanied the trailer and art. The release also included a bit from Executive Producer Pete Blumel.

“Our goal is to make something fun and accessible for everyone…We’re excited to be trying things that are still new to the medium. From its very inception, the team has strived to take full advantage of the amazing presence and sense of immersion offered by emerging virtual reality hardware.”

It’s obviously way too early to cast any sort of judgement on the game, but World War Toons clearly aims to be lighter shooter affair. I can get behind that, especially if the gameplay is fantastic.

We’ll have more on this one as it comes.