Dennis Hopper

Pop quiz, hotshot! Your world popular MMORPG is running out of steam and bleeding subscribers by the hundreds of thousands every financial year! Once the fan base hits zero, the servers go off. What do you do to keep your loyal fans around? What do you do?

What’s that? Raise the subscription price just in time for the latest Warlords of Draenor expansion pack to come out? That way if loyal players want to stick around or retirees want to come back and see all the changes you’ve made, the only way they’ll be able to do so is to pay more money to make up for lost numbers?

Sounds foolproof.

Indeed, the price of World of Warcraft is climbing in the U.K. region, at least. The game will see an increase of about one pound ($1.67) per thirty days, and the 60 day prepaid card will increase to £20.99 ($35)

  • 30 Days – £9.99 (£8.99)
  • 90 Days – £28.17 (£25.17)
  • 180 Days – £52.14 (£46.14)

However, Blizzard also points out that those who want to keep the old price will be able to do so for a further two years if they pick up a recurring subscription. Anyone who signs up for one before the expansion is released will be eligible for the extension. Sounds like someone is strongly implying that they want to sell more renewing subscriptions for the following two years, keeping the fanbase strong as World of Warcraft continues into a world where its relevance remains in question.

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor will be released on Nov. 13, the same day the U.K.’s World of Warcraft subscription goes up. No word or confirmation if this model will follow in America.