World of warcraft

If you're a part-time citizen of Azeroth, watch out: Blizzard wants you to be on the lookout for a trojan that can steal your World of Warcraft account information and authenticator password.

According to a post from Support Forum Agent Kaltonis on the Blizzard forums, the Trojan is part of a false, but functional, version of the Curse client that came from a fake version of the Curse website which was popping up in searches for "curse client" on search engines.

Removing the  file and running an updated version of Malwarebytes is the recommended method to check if your system has been infected. The forum page, linked below, includes a manual method as well.

As you might expect, this only affects Windows users, not Mac or Linux users, but with the majority of WoW players on Windows, the trojan has the potential to affect a lot of people.