Blizzard’s latest scheme to get players back into World of Warcraft is to expand the influence of its in-game currency. As of now, Blizzard wants you to know that all of the gold collected in its MMORPG can be used in Overwatch, Hearthstone, and other games on

The system is similar to Blizzard’s WoW Tokens initiative, which allows players to convert their gold or even unused items into free play time. Playing enough could put a serious dent in your monthly subscription plans.

Now, the gold can be used to purchase credit, and this can be used to purchase packs of Hearthstone cards and Overstrike loot boxes.

Maybe I could finally unlock one of Mei’s additional costumes…

I’d fire up World of Warcraft and give it a show, but then I realize I haven’t played in over a decade. Nor do I think I’ll ever unlock Mei’s costumes anyway. Maybe I’ll get there by buying boxes, getting duplicates and earning credits.