World of Tanks - 1

World of Tanks, for those who aren’t familiar with the property, is something of a crazy smash hit. This PC title is free-to-play (and free-to-win, as the developers insisted), and it just crossed the 60 million users mark. That’s crazy. Wargaming is working with a titan of a title, and they have two others in development featuring planes and boats.

It was announced during Microsoft’s press conference that World of Tanks would be making the jump from the PC to the Xbox 360 this summer. It will keep its free-to-play system through the switch. That makes it only the second free-to-play title on Microsoft’s current platform.

In World of Tanks, players square off in multiplayer fashion in order to capture points and obliterate the enemy team. You’ll pick from a host of tanks and use money earned in game, or purchased with real scratch, in order to unlock goods, upgrades and more tanks.

It’s an addictive offering, and it’s one that boasts a dedicated and hardcore following. The switch to the Xbox 360 is perfect for the title, and the 30 minutes I had with it at Microsoft’s special software showcase was awesome.

World of Tanks - 2

The game holds up graphically, and everything except for crew tweaks has made the transition with the product. Playing with the controller, instead of the keyboard, makes for a faster and more simplistic experience. However, the tactics of tank on tank combat remain, as I learned the hard way, and that will certainly work towards separating veterans from rookies when this title launches.

World of Tanks will enter a beta phase on the Xbox 360 this coming weekend. You can actually pop over to to sign up for the beta. If you don’t make it in, don’t fret; World of Tanks will hit the Xbox 360 for free in final form this summer.