Slightly Mad Studios has a track record, so to speak, in racing games. The development company is responsible for Need for Speed: Shift, 2009’s well-reviewed installment in the long running racing series.

Now, they’ve announced their own racing offering. World of Speed is coming soon, and it’s a free-to-play racing MMO.

The only platform announced for the title so far is the PC. Turning to the game’s official forums results in finding a small thread discussing system requirements for the title. While those requirements have not been announced, the community manager on the project did offer this small tidbit regarding scalability.

 I can say that SMS want as many people to be able to play World of Speed as possible. They are building WoS in such a way that it should run on everything from the high end PC towers to the every day laptops.

Sounds like we might even be able to run it on toasters with Windows ME installed. Maybe.

The trailer above and the screenshots below seem to indicate that World of Speed has the potential to be a gorgeous racing game if it’s played on a decked out gaming rig. Hopefully that’s a mark easily obtained even with machines growing a bit older these days.

Not much else is known about the effort regarding how much pay-for content will cost or what will be roped off from the free user base. As more comes for World of Speed, we’ll have it.