World of Final Fantasy already slipped into Square Enix’s E3 2015 presentation, eating up plenty of real estate with its cute graphics and “kawaii” take on the classic series. It was a crazy, unexpected move from the company, and many fans still have questions about what it is exactly.

Square Enix has finally delivered more answers in its Tokyo Game Show 2015 trailer. World of Final Fantasy has two different styles of graphics, one used for the cutscenes and another used for gameplay. What is this, Final Fantasy VII? The CG scenes clearly have a much larger budget, and they tap right into Kingdom Hearts and Square Enix’s love for Disney. Even the mysterious lady’s speech opening the trailer is very Disney-esque.

The gameplay graphics show a love for all that is “kawaii” and “chibi,” cute and small for those not on the Otaku scene. The game stars two generic heroes of opposite genders as they tour an adorable representation of Final Fantasy’s lore. Ramuh, Shiva and Ifrit show up, a Cactuar drives the train, the Hero of Light forgot his serious face, and the whole trailer is just one big party! The music drives it home as well.

I really want to play this. World of Final Fantasy will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.