Square Enix is back with another round of mercilessly cute screenshots from the irresistible World of Final Fantasy. This game was first shown to the public at E3 2015 earlier this year, and now fans across the globe are dying to know just what it is.

These 26 new screenshots pretty much tell all. You won’t find a fashionably deep RPG experience here, but rather, World of Final Fantasy seems to be dialing it back a bit on the difficulty and depth. This game is meant to inspire something beyond the franchise’s typical themes and angsty emotions. It’s meant to tickle your imagination and scratch that chronic nostalgic itch the series planted under our skins.

This latest batch of screenshots shows the return of “chibi” Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, hopefully a signal that other Final Fantasy stars before her will also appear. If not the characters then at least plenty of monsters have been confirmed for a comeback! Classic summon monsters show off their skills for the first time here like Shiva, Ifrit and Ramuh, and they are joined by many classic foes as well. Behemoths, Evil Eyes and the Cactuar, who I guess is a train conductor as well, all come along for the party.

We got Black Mages, Chocobos, Moogles, the whole shebang here. The game isn’t so much a Final Fantasy title but rather it is a celebration of Final Fantasy. Sure, plenty of other games do that, but they are rhythm games, free-to-play games, fighting games, or other genres besides RPGs. This might be the first time Final Fantasy seriously references itself in the genre that it belongs too.

Whether it is for younger newcomers or old-time fans who want to act like kids again, Square Enix could be making this a game that can span generations of gamers, one you can enjoy regardless of your age or experience with past games.

I think it looks great, and I really want to play it. World of Final Fantasy will be released in 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.