While we are all anxiously awaiting Final Fantasy XV to blow our minds, World of Final Fantasy is shaping up to be a massive game in its own right. It was seen as something of a cute and kiddy spin-off at first, but now it is taking off as the tribute game that all of these recent mobile games are constantly trying to be.

And dare I say, this game is going to be downright legit. New information from Dengeki Online, translated by Siliconera, reveals that it is going to be a huge game with over 200 collectible characters, 100 hours of gameplay, and enough replay value to make gamers want to keep going back.

  • Square Enix is currently brushing up and working on the game’s adjustments, basically finishing it up.
  • The Final Fantasy character that appear don’t come from another world, but they’ve lived in the world from the start. You’ll see characters that know each other in unexpected ways.
  • The game is being made so that it can be played in a relatively carefree manner. For example, there’s a system that will let you go back to town whenever you’re in a dungeon and easily return back inside the dungeon.
  • Wiping in battle simply results in returning back home and you don’t lose any money, and acquired items remain the same. It’s being balanced so that you can go all out in battles.
  • As far as gameplay value goes, the story parts alone will get you about 100 hours of gameplay.
  • The volume of the game is said to be about the same as a main-numbered Final FAntasy game, and there are many sub-stories to top it off. There are especially plenty of cutscene events featuring Final Fantasy characters.
  • Event scenes can be fast-forwarded or skipped.
  • You can mash your way through battles in the early parts of the game, but once you reach the middle parts you’ll want to think about elements and such or you might go through some trouble.
  • There are over 200 Mirages in the game. They say that it might get lonely for the Mirages that don’t get used, so they’re working on ways so that players will want to raise all of them.
  • Square Enix also hopes to be able to make figurines out of them.

Yes, please to that last part! While it might be a casual and laid-back experience, sometimes that is all I want these days. If you’re just going to just laze around in a video game, it might as well be with with all of your favorite characters from the last 30 years.

World of Final Fantasy launches for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on Oct. 25.