Do you watch online videos at work? I know I certainly do, but I work for a guy with a pretty popular YouTube channel so I think its allowed.

A recent poll commissioned by Qumu, a business video provider, and Harris Interactive showed that the majority of American workers want their companies to let then use whatever mobile device they want to do work-related tasks, and a whopping 64% of workers are already using mobile devices in the workplace to watch videos.

So what are they watching? 17% of respondents say they’re watching company videos, while 15% are checking out the latest viral videos to hit the web. 4% of those who responded were watching full-length feature films on the company dime, and an extra-brave 3% were checking out porn while clocked in.

What’s more interesting than what people are watching while they work? Where they’re watching videos. 42% of respondents excuse themselves to go to the restroom to watch videos on their mobile devices, and an astounding 35% hide their device in a folder or notebook so they can watch undetected.

Check out the rest of the breakdown in this awesome infographic by Wistia, and tell us what you think in the comments below! Do you watch videos at work? Where and what do you watch?