You can (famously) set up WordPress in just five minutes. With these bundles from TechnoBuffalo Deals, building a great site shouldn’t take too much longer.

First up is the WordPress Themes and Plugins Lifetime Membership Bundle, which gives you unlimited access to the work of two premium developers for $49. Lizatom offers a large range of responsive HTML5 designs equipped with shortcodes, and a range of high quality plugins. WPTriumph provides another 23 themes, including responsive and magazine designs. You can also customize the layout and style details of these themes, and utilize optional features such as galleries, logos, menus, and sliders. The bundle takes 92% off the price of these assets.

WordPress Wizard Bundle

For a better understanding of WordPress and blogging in general, it is worth checking out the WordPress Wizard Bundle. You can pay whatever you want for this collection of twelve video courses, worth a total of $1030.