Social monster Zynga has been having a pretty tough time lately.

Their stock prices dropped earlier today after a company call announced weaker than expected earnings again. In August, Zynga lost their Chief Creative Officer, Chief Operations Officer and two vice presidents. The many follow-ups to the incredible success of Farmville are underperforming.

Word with Friends co-creators, Paul and David Bettner, announced today their departure from the company. Zynga probably isn’t too happy about this.

Zynga originally bought the company during its rapid expansion over the last couple years for $53.3 million, while the game was spending more than a year among the top-grossing iOS apps.

When asked by GamesBeat about the change, the brothers Bettner “confirmed their departure but wouldn’t say what they’ll do next.” GamesBeat’s Dean Takahashi notes that the brothers started with Microsoft’s Ensemble Studios on the Age of Empire games before starting up Newtoy, the studio that would eventually produce Words with Friends. With a pretty diverse past, it’ll be very interesting to see where they go next.

[via GamesBeat]