We've seen the full cast together in street clothes, but we have yet to see them gussied up for their respective roles. Thanks to pictures from the set, however, we now have our first look at the mysterious characters being played by Woody Harrelson and Emilia Clarke in the new Han Solo movie.

TMZ acquired images from the movie's set that appear to show off a very swanky space ship with some very cool pieces of art on display. The movie's main cast all seem to be accounted for, including a much younger looking Chewie (who looks like the old Chewie).

Harrelson's character is there, too, wearing a pretty plain black outfit with a gray robe or overcoat (it's difficult to tell). Emilia Clarke (or who we think is Clarke), meanwhile, is dressed up in a decadent dress, and appears to be introducing Harrelson, Chewie, and Aldren Ehrenreich's Han Solo to whomever is off-camera.

TMZ also has a video from the set, which shows it off in much more detail. Nothing of significance happens in the video, but it's still cool to get a glimpse at what's going on behind the scenes. (It's a much better look than what director Ron Howard has been giving fans.)

Apparently, the photos shared by TMZ were taken before Howard took over as director. That's not a particularly important detail because we have no context for the scene, but there's a chance that what we're seeing may not make it into Howard's version of the movie.

Last month, directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord quit the film over creative differences with Disney and Lucasfilm, casting doubt over the movie's anticipated May 2018 release. However, Ron Howard was quickly hired, and has promised to do right by Star Wars fans.

For now, the movie is still projected to come out next May.

With Disney's D23 celebration and Comic-Con on the horizon, hopefully Lucasfilm will give fans their first glimpse at the movie.