What do you get when you mix a sensei, sake and a Wii U? You get Wooden Sen-SeY, an action platformer that’s already on PC and about to make its debut on the GamePad driven console.

We had a chance to give it a whirl during a recent preview event, and stepped away from the Wii U full of smiles.

Wooden Sen-SeY is a bit silly: you are a sensei trying to collect as many bottles of sake on each level as possible. Of course, that would be too easy without any enemies in your way, and there are plenty to fight throughout each stage. To kill them, you’ll need to slap them around with your chain, or use what the developer calls a “ground pound,” which causes an area effect on the enemies around you.

The opening levels weren’t too difficult, and the initial enemies can’t even hurt you, which made adjusting to the gameplay welcoming and easy. In later parts of the game, your chain is required to get around obstacles, as is the groundpound move, and you can use it to swing from various objects.

If you’re looking for a casual and fun game to kick around on a Saturday or Sunday, or after a long day of work, Wooden Sen-Sey should be right up your alley. It isn’t too demanding, and it’s easy to just pickup and leave casually, while offering decent enough graphics and gameplay that you’ll want to keep pushing forward.

The game is an early contender as the first Unity game on the eShop, though other titles could beat it to the punch if it misses its expected February or March launch date. We don’t have any pricing details yet, though it shouldn’t break the bank or cost much more than about $15 at launch.