We got our first look at the Moto X—including several models with back panels made from woodback in August, and almost five months later Motorola still hasn’t added the option to choose a wooden back on Moto Maker. Sensing that consumers may be growing a bit impatient, the Google-owned company took to Twitter yesterday to placate its fans, promising that that the delayed customization option would launch soon. “Put this DIY project on hold,” Motorola teases, showing a cut-out of a wooden panel. “Trust us.”

Last month we heard that the wooden Moto X wouldn’t be available until after Thanksgiving, but could hit the Moto Maker in time for some last minute holiday shopping. With Christmas rapidly approaching, Motorola doesn’t have much time left to make good on those rumors. Based on a separate leak courtesy of @evleaks we expect the wood option to cost customers an extra $50.

The Moto X is one of our favorite phones of 2013. What the device lacks in specs it makes up for with clever software and a sleek design. The ability to customize your own handset is an added bonus, but it’s what’s inside this smartphone that makes it so great. We’ll let you know as soon as Motorola opens up orders for the wooden option.