Motorola will let AT&T customers to customize the Moto X when it launches (other carriers will get the option later), and that includes a choice of 16 different colors and 7 different color accents. However, the company is currently testing various wooden back panels that will launch around the fourth quarter of this year. The company told TechnoBuffalo that it hasn’t settled on a specific type of wood, or the specific colors just yet (a few possibilities are listed online), but it will eventually offer both light wood and dark wood options.

We checked out a wooden Moto X and preferred the darker wood back panel. Generally, though, we really like the custom color backs that will be available at launch. We assume the wood will be treated so that it doesn’t splinter or crack easily, but from an aesthetic point of view it looks a little bizarre on first impression. Still, it will certainly be a conversation starter.

The wooden Moto X should cost the same, $199 for the 16GB model or $249 for the 32GB model with a two-year contract, and we’re excited to see the options Motorola ends up settling on. Check out our video above and gallery for a quick look.