A big part of any movie’s release is its posters. You see them at theaters, on the side of buildings, and on billboards. They’re meant to elicit emotion and intrigue, encouraging consumers to follow their curiosity right to the box office. Who can forget the poster for Alien: Covenant? That was amazing.

Over the past few months, Warner Bros. has done a fantastic job building hype for Wonder Woman, which is set to hit theaters on June 2.

First, we got a glimpse of the superhero in Batman v Superman, then we saw a tantalizing teaser trailer. Now, with her solo movie debut around the corner, I wanted to call special attention to the fantastic posters we’ve seen over the past several months.

They don’t break too far from Hollywood conventions, but the Wonder Woman posters are still incredibly well done. The framing is succinct, the colors vibrant, and the message powerful. Wonder; Courage; Power.

These characteristics encapsulate what Wonder Woman represents—a character who by all accounts looks to be the savior of the DC Expanded Universe.

I can’t be the only one who loves the posters for the Wonder Woman movie. They’re powerful, confident, and inspiring—exactly what the DCEU needs.