Last year was supposed to be the year that DC Comics made a splash and instituted its movie universe. Both of those did occur, but not in the way people were expecting. Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad were both flashy, financial hits, but they were marred by negative reviews and disappointed fans. Naturally, Warner Bros. and DC have turned to Wonder Woman, the movie that’s expected to course-correct the mistakes from last year, but it looks like it’s going down the same road.

According to a source close to the film, the movie is just as convoluted and disjointed as its two predecessors. The source told Schmoes Know host Sasha Perl-Raver that the movie is nothing like the trailers and is just a “discombobulated” mess.

“So, I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus,” Perl-Raver said on her show. “We have somebody within our community who has gotten insider information that broke my effing heart this week, because I have tremendous belief that Wonder Woman is gonna be awesome and I heard it stinks from the same person who told me that they heard that BvS stinks…The person who I spoke to…their response was ‘I’m very disappointed in what I saw, and it seems like all the problems are the same problems. It’s discombobulated, it doesn’t have narrative flow. It’s just very disjointed.”

If this turns out to be true, this is thoroughly disappointing. Expectations are sky high for Wonder Woman, the first-ever female-led comic book movie and the movie that was supposed to deliver the first critical hit for Warner Bros. and the DC Extended Universe.

If this is true, the DCEU falls further into limbo

Before going down deeper into the rabbit hole, we should slow down a bit. We won’t know if this is true until we actually see the movie. But the DCEU is going through a big dilemma because if it can’t muster up a decent movie, you have to believe that people will eventually stop going to see them.

Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad were both successes, but they also left a lot of money on the table due to the critical negativity. Now, if Wonder Woman is released to a swarm of negativity, and the box office intake disappoints, some studio heads might start to roll and the DCEU will be forced to take a new approach or be dismantled altogether. Three duds (four if you count Man of Steel) in a row is a sure-fire way to kill a franchise, and the DCEU is hanging on the reputation of its characters alone at this point.

For the time being, I’m still holding out hope Wonder Woman will be better than its predecessors.