As if Warner Bros. needed any encouragement to announce a sequel, the studio on Saturday officially confirmed Wonder Woman 2.

Since hitting theaters, Wonder Woman has seen widespread praise from fans and critics alike, so it always seemed like a sure bet there'd be a sequel. It was just a matter of when, not if, one would be announced. Warner Bros. didn't reveal when the movie would hit theaters, but it's encouraging to hear the studio is giving the character its full backing.

After all, Wonder Woman surpassed Fox's Deadpool at the domestic box office, proving how big of a hit she is. Gal Gadot absolutely nailed the role of Diana Prince, and in the process imbued the floundering DCEU with hope and promise. It sure looks like she's quickly becoming the face of the Justice League, which also includes Aquaman, Batman, and Superman.

Patty Jenkins, who directed the first film, is rumored to be returning for the second. Meanwhile, some purported story details about the sequel have already started to leak, though it's unclear how authentic they actually are, especially this far ahead of the movie's release.

Fans will next see Wonder Woman in the Justice League movie that hits theaters on November 17.