The DCEU has had a problem with lighting and levity. When you compare something like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to the Warner Bros.’ Batman v Superman, the difference impossible to miss. With each new DCEU film that comes out, comic fans’ ears perk up as we look for any kind of hope that we might be getting a movie that feels like a comic book instead of a post-apocalyptic heavy-metal fever dream. If reviewer comments are anything to go by, Wonder Woman might be the first shot in a new clip for DC and Warner Bros. The reviews themselves are under embargo, but reviewers have been posting reactions to social media and the word is very positive so far.

Hayleich Foutch from Colldier called the movie “the best DCEU movie so far.” Despite having some problems in the third act, she says, she’ll be seeing it again. She points toward Gal Gadot and Chris Pine as high points of the film. She calls Wonder Woman “inspiring and exuberant.” Mike Ryan of Upprox compared Wonder Woman to Christopher Reeves’ Superman, calling her a hero “with no angst or cynicism.” Silas Lesnick of ComingSoon says it’s the best DC movie since The Dark Knight, the second movie in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Batman films.

The trailers for the movie already had me excited but this is very encouraging.

I think we waited long enough

We’ve had about 8,000 fun Marvel movies of varying quality, and three DCEU movies that range from okay to depressing. I’m hoping Wonder Woman signals a righting of the ship, though we won’t know if that’s true until Justice League, which has had some promising trailers lately.

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2.