Flashpoint, the announced-but-undated movie starring DC Comics character The Flash, is having a tough time getting out of development hell, but details about the picture have been slowly coming together, one piece at a time. The latest news is some of the best yet: Wonder Woman will appear in Flashpoint, according to a report from Deadline.

Wonder Woman is a crucial part of the casting for the movie. Flashpoint began life as a DC Comics crossover event back in 2011. In the story, Barry Allen decides to go back in time and undo his mother’s murder – you know, the thing that drove him to become a crime-scene investigator, which is how he got his powers. As you might expect, Allen wakes to find himself no longer a speedster, but the ripple effects go further. In this world, Superman’s pod hit Metropolis like a nuke and Bruce Wayne died instead of his parents. Most importantly, Atlantis and Themyscira, the homes of Aquaman and Wonder Woman, are engaged in a bitter war that resulted when Wonder Woman killed Aquaman’s wife Mera when Mera confronted her over the affair. In other words, Wonder Woman is a villain – the villain- in Flashpoint.

Not only is Wonder Woman a crucial part of Flashpoint, she’s become the centerpiece of the DCEU. After a pair of seriously lackluster Superman movies and the studio-sabotaged Suicide SquadWonder Woman finally hit all the right notes with Gal Gadot as the star and Patty Jenkins in the director’s chair. It landed well with audiences and critics alike and has made a good 25 percent more than Batman v Superman in the domestic box office. Positioning her as a villain would, while crucial to the Flashpoint story, be a pretty bold move to make after making such a big hero of her in her first movie.

I’m still not that bullish about a Flashpoint movie, but Gadot’s presence in the trailers and advertising would go a long way toward making the movie look interesting. Flashpoint has had a variety of confirmed and potential directors attached since it was announced, including Phil Lord and Chris Miller of the LEGO Movie, writer Seth Grahame-Smith, Dope director Rick Famuyiwa, and even some film legends like Robert Zemeckis and Sam Raimi. And right now, there is no director attached unless you count Warner Bros.’ executive board.

The movie’s original March 2018 release date has long since gone up in smoke, and we still don’t have the slightest idea when it’ll be coming. Flash and Wonder Woman will finally meet this fall, though, when Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.