Patty Jenkins, director of the Wonder Woman – DCEU’s best hope for redemption – has confirmed a rumor about the upcoming sequel. While the first movie was set in the chilly battlefields the first World War, it seems like things are set to get a lot colder.

Rumors began to leak to intelligence last July that the sequel would be set in the 1980s and shift the enemy from spike-helmed German soldiers to Cold War-era Soviets. Speaking at Cinemacon in Las Vegas, Jenkins confirmed both elements of the story.

Kristen Wiig is confirmed to play frequent Wonder Woman antagonist Cheetah, bringing Diana Prince’s battle a little closer to that of the comics.

The first Wonder Woman film hit in spring of 2017 and was an immediate success both in its own right and for the greater DC Extended Universe line of films more specifically. Hopes are similarly high for the upcoming Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa as he reprises the role of Arthur Curry, with direction from Fast 7 boss James Wan. The hype behind both of these movies is especially high after the lackluster performance of Justice League. The DCEU needs some big wins, and fans of these characters could sure use the boost, too.

Aquaman hits on December 21, 2018, and Wonder Woman 2 comes in just a year later on December 19, 2019.