With the incredible success of Wonder Woman, a sequel was inevitable, and it wasn’t going to be too long before we got one. Now we know exactly when it’s coming, and it’s just a hair over two years out. Warner Bros. already had set December 13, 2019 for a movie release, and it looks like Wonder Woman 2 is taking that spot.

That puts it after the Shazam! movie and the Justice League sequel, but ahead of Cyborg, Green Lantern Corps, and a pair of untitled-but-dated DCEU films the studio recently announced.

What about Ms. Jenkins?

Patty Jenkins brought Wonder Woman to life. DC and Warner Bros. didn’t announce a director with Wonder Woman 2, so that suggests that talks are still ongoing. DC and WB need to work hard to get her back. Jenkins fought for the No Man’s Land sequence that did a lot to define the character and the tone of the movie. Changing out the director would be a huge loss for the movie, and one that could even affect attendance.

With that said, executives like money, and Wonder Woman made a lot of that, so they’re likely hesitant to change anything about the formula, and Jenkins will probably be back. As it is, she’s currently working on a script with DC’s Geoff Johns, so things are already rolling.

We’re looking forward to Diana Prince’s next outing in 2019, set in a bigger, broader DCEU.