Brooklyn-based collective Etsy — which is hosting the 2012 Hacker School at its hipster hangout in New York — wants females. To that end, it’s offering ten $5,000 grants to women who want to sign up for the three-month program.

There are several interesting things about this. First off, Etsy hosting this is pretty intriguing. Then again, the marketplace for handmade goods is basically a hub for yarn and jewelry hackers, so maybe it’s not that far-fetched. And it also explains its pro-women stance to some degree. Of the tight 40-person registration capacity for the summer session, it’s shooting for a 50/50 gender split.

All that pales in comparison to the grant itself — it’s not tuition-based. The Hacker School is free, so this bonus is intended to help with living expenses for women who can’t afford to put aside three months to attend. That’s right, rising female programmers can learn how to become better hackers and get a stipend for it. According to Etsy, grant recipients “can spend the money on whatever expenses necessary to free you up for Hacker School, no questions asked.”

Even without a grant, there are some compelling reasons for fresh-faced programmers of all genders to consider the program. From the Hacker School FAQ: “Startups pay us to recruit. If after Hacker School you want a job, we will help you find one.”

If you’re interested and plan to be in New York this summer, note that the deadline for applications is May 7, with a course run of June 4 through August 25. For more, visit the source link.

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