Battlefield 1 will add female soldiers to the ranks of play with its upcoming DLC, "In The Name Of The Tsar."

The DLC will include the Russian Army's scout class, known in the war as the 1st Russian Women's Battalion of Death, a totally, historically accurate thing. The word of the addition comes from a tweet with totally predictable responses.

Historically accurate or not, who cares? I'm sure there are plenty of players, both male and female, who'd love to play as a woman soldier in the horrific conflict that was World War I.

EA will offer more information regarding the new DLC, and loads more for Battlefield 1, at EA Play. That's the event that will run alongside E3 this year in June, but it totally isn't connected to E3.

These companies are vying for your attention right now with events spanning more than a week instead of only four or five days. Female soldiers flying in as DLC? That's just one of the many ways they're doing it.