If you're planning to buy a lot of iPhones for gifts this holiday season, you may want to make sure you're sticking to the retail store's limit on purchases. A Boston woman recently tried to purchase "too many iPhones" and was subdued by police who used a taser on her. It turns out a language barrier may be responsible for the misunderstanding, however.

"So my mom says she don't (sic) know why they called the police, because she doesn't understand what they are talking about," the woman's 12-year old daughter told WCVB. Apparently the victim, Xiaojie Li was told she could only buy two iPhones, the standard limit, but became infuriated when she saw others buying more. The store eventually asked her to leave the store but she wouldn't budge. Police eventually used a taser after she resisted arrest for 15 minutes.

"She wasn't mistreated in any way," local police captain Bruce Hansen said. "If she left the store when she was told to leave the store, it would've been done at that. She was told she was under arrest after repeatedly being told to leave the store. She didn't submit to the arrest. The officer used the Taser on her to get her to submit to the arrest."

You can find a video of the arrest on WCVB's website.