Just got one thing to say: Androidettes are fierce with the powers of persuasion. Don’t believe me? Just check this one out.

When a dude tried to mug Robin Raskin of Mommy Tech, hoping to relieve the woman of her valuables (including her smartphone), she didn’t whimper or cry. On the contrary, she kept her wits in the face of losing her beloved Android phone.

“Look lady, I don’t want to hurt you,” said the criminal, who’d followed her down the street. “You’re old enough to be my mother. Don’t make me hurt you.”

Chilling words for any victim, but she didn’t yield. Frankly, the thought of having to set up all her logins, applications and other data all over again was something she just couldn’t come to grips with. “Please don’t take my phone. It won’t be worth much to you, and it’ll drive me crazy trying to set it up again,” she said. “Do you know how hard it is to get your apps running just right?” So Mama Tech bargained for her phone, offering money and food in exchange for keeping the device. And you know what? The mugger actually took the deal!

Check out the whole account of the incident at the Mommy Tech blog. And then tell us — do you think she was crazy? Or would you do the same thing for your smartphone?

[via Mommy Tech]