A woman frowned on a ride at Splash Mountain. Big deal, right? Well, it's kind of hilarious, considering it happened at Disney World, otherwise known as the "Happiest Place on earth." Who would do such a terrible thing?!

I wouldn't go on Splash Mountain with my wife.

In a hilarious twist, the woman said she decided to frown for the camera because her husband wouldn't join her on the ride. And it wasn't just any ride, it was the woman's favorite ride in the world. Come on, man! You gotta join your wife on these things, scared of getting wet or not. In any case, the picture how now gone viral on the web, with Jordan Alexander's frown and crossed arms captured perfectly as the log shoots down the end of the ride.

Let this be a lesson: don't frown at Walt Disney World unless you're prepared to be a viral sensation on the Internet.