Vine may be only be two months old, at least as a Twitter offering, but it's already playing with the big boys. And the boy it's playing with has adamantium claws.

Director James Mangold let loose the first lightning-fast peep at the new Marvel superhero flick, The Wolverine, using the six-second micro-video sharing service. Talk about an exercise in brevity. The silent clip somehow manages to cram a dozen different cuts into the short segment, along with the movie logo.

If it's too fast for you to suss out, don't despair. A longer 20-second trailer is expected to land tomorrow, followed by a full trailer on Wednesday. The film itself is slated to release July 24th.

Mangold's use of Vine for this "tweaser" is brilliant. It costs nothing and doesn't really spoil anything, yet it still has high potential for massive viral sharing, since it's so easy to tweet and retweet. And if it succeeds in ratcheting up interest — and we think that's exactly what's happening — you can bet other moviemakers will follow suit.

The Vine vid follows. Warning: This could give you seizures. 

The movie, which is the sixth installment of the immensely popular X-Men movie franchise, follows Wolverine (played by the irrepressible Hugh Jackman) as he journeys into Japan and hooks up with Mariko Yashida, a conflicted woman with ties to the Yakuza.