The last time we saw Wolverine, he died at the end of Logan with Laura in his arms. It was quite an emotional moment and a proper send off for actor Hugh Jackman, who says he is done portraying the clawed superhero. But don’t tell that to Ryan Reynolds, who still wants to make a Deadpool-Wolverine movie.

In anticipation of Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds talked with Entertainment Weekly about the character and one of the topics he broached was of a possible mash-up movie with Wolverine that has been rumored for a while. Deadpool is currently the most popular X-Men character around, but before him, Wolverine proudly carried the mantle. It makes sense to make a movie with both of them; sounds like box office gold.

Sometimes the easiest moves are the hardest to make. There are a number of barriers standing in the way of this happening. First off, Wolverine is dead, so that throws a wrench in things. However, Reynolds points out that that doesn’t matter.

“He’s alive and well in my timeline,” says Reynolds. “There is a Logan running around out there with a little bushy chest and his little sharpy, sharpy claws, and he is alive and well and ready to go. I would love that.”

If there ever is a movie, we wouldn’t see the same Wolverine we saw in Logan. He’d be much younger and in his prime. And he’s going to need that energy to keep up with Deadpool. There is another major hurdle to consider: Hugh Jackman’s interest in the movie.

The point of Logan was to properly send off the Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. After seventeen years portraying the character, he was ready to move on. Reynolds acknowledged this issue in more depth.

I think convincing Hugh of that would be a near-impossible feat, but there’s no human being I love more than Hugh Jackman in that universe, and equally so as a friend. He’s just the best. I already miss him as Logan, so I’m one of those guys that whenever I see him, I’m like, ‘Come on, man. Just one more. Come on. We’ll do it together. It’ll be fun. Come on! On three. Here we go, together. One, two, three, together,’ and it’s always just me saying it.

That isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement the movie is happening. Still, with Reynolds buying in, it isn’t out of the question for Jackman to change his mind after a couple years away from the character. A Deadpool-Wolverine movie would be quite a treat.

In the meantime, we can see Deadpool hang out with Peter and his new crew in Deadpool 2 opening May 18.